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Set an Example

Setting an example of healthy screen use is essential in healthy screen habits for children. Suppose we as parents don’t set boundaries with our screens. In that case, it’s hard to expect a child who is used to modeling after the adults in their life to learn how to put them down and have quality family time, outside activities, or quiet time learning how to use their imagination. Leading by example is the way to go when limiting screen time.

Put Devices Away

The phrase “out of sight, out of mind” works well for devices. If we put them away in a drawer and turn off any notifications and alerts, it can be easier to pass the time without using them. It might seem a little impossible to do so, but let’s remember that there was a time when we weren’t surrounded by screens all the time. Use these screen-free opportunities for family activities like board games or family storytime.

Make Space for Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities are also a great excuse to leave devices like tablets and portable gaming consoles at home. Think of activities like hiking, swimming, going to the beach, or even just visiting your favorite outdoor playground as opportunities to bond and play without needing to be tied to a screen.

With children having more screen time than usual last year, it’s a good idea to try and get into better habits as soon as possible. Another way to form good habits is to have tutoring sessions with the pros at The Tutoring Center, Enterprise, AL. Call them today at (334) 475-4597 for more information about their academic programs.


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