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Avoid Distractions

Avoiding distractions is rule number one when trying to pay attention in class. Distractions come in many forms, it might come in the form of a cellphone or a laptop. But it can also be distractions in the classroom like talking to classmates, or if your school has big windows, things outside the classroom can also distract you. Try sitting with your back to the window, or if they’re being overly disruptive, ask your classmates to turn their talking down.

Go To Class Rested

Rest is essential in being able to pay attention in class. Not having enough sleep will cause you to doze off in class, or worse, fall asleep entirely. Having eight hours of sleep can help you feel fresh in the morning, making paying attention in class easier. Besides sleeping well, having breakfast and drinking enough water can also help you feel refreshed and ready for another day of learning.

Take Notes or Ask Questions

Finally, taking notes and asking questions are great ways of paying attention. Taking notes is great for visual learners as it helps them memorize information better. Asking questions can be great for auditory learners and for learners that need to feel engaged with the lesson to learn better.

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